The Best NBA Shooting Guards of the 90s

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The top 90s NBA shooting guards enjoyed illustrious careers in the league and are part of (arguably) the NBA's golden age. That's not a proper nickname for the decade but with all of these stars it is hard to really argue. The greatest NBA shooting guards from the 1990s were also a memorable group of players that became icons. More than icons. Michael Jordan everybody. Michael Jordan.

Some of the best shooting guards of the 90s were known as pure scorers while other top SGs of the 90s were lockdown defenders. Some of the top 90s NBA shooting guards had success in the previous decade while others were just starting their career and dominated later. The best NBA shooting guards from the 1990s were also one-man corporations with portfolios that included numerous endorsement deals. Here's a list of the greatest NBA shooting guards of the 1990s. Definitely some of the best SGs in NBA history.
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