The Best Sitcoms Of The '90s

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It’s hard to choose the best sitcoms of the ‘90s - so many quality theme songs, so many outlandish misunderstandings, and so many will-they-or-wont-they plot lines. Though Seinfeld dominated much of the era, the show actually began its run in the ‘80s, so for the purposes of this best-of list, we begin at the beginning: The Fresh Prince of Bel Air, Home Improvement, and Beavis and Butt-head are just a few of the greatest sitcoms to start the ‘90s.

By the time Clinton was sworn into office, Blossom, Martin, and Mad About You were already must-see mainstays in '90s television. Building on the successes of ensemble comedies like Cheers and Night Court, other sitcoms of the '90s like Wings, Frasier, and The Drew Carey Show boasted a core group of characters getting equal airtime and intersecting storylines.

Then, there were the cultural phenomena. Friends took off like a pop-culture rocket, influencing music, fashion, hairstyles, and vernacular. The long-running South Park launched on Comedy Central and neither animation nor celebrity spoofing would ever be the same. Cable broke new programming ground with Sex and the City, among other shows, setting a course for the ‘00s and teens, where subscription cable dominates the zeitgeist and awards shows.

Some critics’ darlings, like NewsRadio, saw abbreviated runs, while worn-out premises, like The Nanny, exceeded expectations. Shows like Will & Grace, 3rd Rock from the Sun, Living Single, and Step by Step reflected how the culture was redefining the traditional family. The funniest shows of the ‘90s entertained but were also informed by the way we live today.

What are the best '90s sitcoms? Did the sitcoms you think are best make the list? Are they still as fresh today as they were 30 (yes 30!) years ago? Take a look and vote the best 1990s sitcoms to the top.

Most divisive: The Drew Carey Show
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