The Best NFL Tight Ends of the '90s

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Tight ends are a versatile bunch. Some are more on the receiving end, some on the blocking, but not matter what, the best tight ends have to be able to do both. They are the toughest of the tough. Here is  a list of 90s tight ends. The best 90s tight ends, that is. Take a look at this list of TEs from the 90s to vote up your favorites! Who are the very best NFL tight ends of the 90s?

From Ben Coates to Shannon Sharpe, and beyond, this list has plenty of 1990s tight ends for you to choose from! The top tight ends of the 1990s are all listed here for you to look through! Look through this list of 90s NFL tight ends and vote up the ones you like the best!

Who are the greatest tight ends of the 90s? Who are the best tight ends of the 90s?
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