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12 Of The Best '90s TV Dads

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Most '90s kids (or really anybody who didn't care to go out on Friday nights in the 1990s) can tell you tales of the wondrous array of parental figures TV sitcoms introduced in the last decade of the 20th century. '90s TV dads are comedy gold, and they always delivered the best laughs and the most heart-felt father figure speeches. From Danny Tanner, the head of a Full House, to Carl Winslow, who could nail the sh*t out of perps, but couldn't always handle his Family Matters, there were plenty of clever, caring father figures for the kids and teens of the 1990s to look up to. Such actors unmistakably defined dad-ness for an entire generation, and these are the best of them.

Would you have picked a dad who was firm, but jovial like Jason Seaver, or someone more roll-with-the-punches like Frank Lambert? Whoever you think the best TV dad from the '90s would be (should be, IS!), this is your chance to vote and tell the world about the man you would have as your TV foster dad.   

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  • Tim "The Toolman" Taylor is the host of a popular cable access channel called Tool Time. He's the quintessential American male, and loves cars, sports, women, and of course, power tools. His wife, Jill, and his three kids put up with all of his relentless jokes, hi jinx, and shenanigans, but Tim also knows when to reign it in and be serious. Although his job is to explain how to use power tools to the common man, he often finds himself getting into trouble when he misuses the power tools demonstrated on his own show.  

    If Tim was your TV dad, you could expect a constant stream of hilarious jokes and misadventures. He might not be able to restore your bicycle to working order, or fix the dishwasher without a hassle, but he's got a great sense of humor, and a deep love for his family. 
    • Series: Home Improvement
    • Actor: Tim Allen
    • Occupation: Inventor
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  • When Danny Tanner's wife is killed in a car accident, he enlists the help of his brother-in-law and his best friend to help raise his three daughters. Together, they move into a house in San Francisco, and attempt to navigate life in cramped quarters. Despite working on a morning TV show (Wake Up, San Francisco!) and dealing with the zany cast of characters constantly running through the house, Tanner is the ideal TV dad. He's reassuring, supportive, goofy, and works hard - along with Uncle Joey and Uncle Jesse - to raise his irreverent and hilarious daughters.  

    If Danny Tanner was your TV dad, you could expect him to embarrass you - a lot. He always thinks that he's the "raddest, baddest" dad in town, but in reality, he's very uncool. He also LOVES a clean house, and will stop at nothing to eliminate all dirt and mess from the home.
    • Series: Full House
    • Actor: Bob Saget
    • Occupation: Television Show Host, Reporter
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  • Although Boy Meets World was definitely more about the kids than the parents, Alan and Amy Matthews play important roles in their sons, Eric and Cory's, lives. Alan wants what's best for his family, and always wants to teach his sons important life lessons. He has a bit of a soft spot for his older son, Eric, and is a little bit more strict with his younger son, Cory. As a result, Amy is harder on Eric and softer towards Cory, so that their relationships balance out.   

    If Alan Matthews was your TV dad, you could expect him to be quick to anger and very impulsive, but you'd also always know that he'd make things right in the end. Sometimes, Alan makes hasty decisions that affect his family, but he always manages to pull through and shape things up. For example, at one point, he quits his job as the manager of a grocery store without discussing it with his wife or children first. Amy, his wife, retaliates by purchasing a sporting goods store to show him that it doesn't feel good when someone you love refuses to consult you in their decision-making process. Alan turns it around, and really makes something of the sporting goods store.  
    • Series: Boy Meets World
    • Actor: William Russ
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  • Dr. Jason Seaver is a stay-at-home dad on Long Island, now that his wife has decided to go back to her career as a reporter. He continues practicing psychiatry out of his home office - all the while trying to raise his four rambunctious kids. Mike, the eldest, is a real ladies man, while Carol is more bookish. Ben has a bit of a wild streak, and Chrissy is the baby of the family.   

    If Dr. Jason Seaver was your TV dad, you'd always have someone around the house to rely on. He'd always be there to listen to your problems and joke around with you. However, his being a psychiatrist might make it difficult to get anything past him - he'd always know if you were up to no good! 
    • Series: Growing Pains
    • Actor: Alan Thicke
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