12 Of The Best '90s TV Dads

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Most '90s kids (or really anybody who didn't care to go out on Friday nights in the 1990s) can tell you tales of the wondrous array of parental figures TV sitcoms introduced in the last decade of the 20th century. '90s TV dads are comedy gold, and they always delivered the best laughs and the most heart-felt father figure speeches. From Danny Tanner, the head of a Full House, to Carl Winslow, who could nail the sh*t out of perps, but couldn't always handle his Family Matters, there were plenty of clever, caring father figures for the kids and teens of the 1990s to look up to. Such actors unmistakably defined dad-ness for an entire generation, and these are the best of them.

Would you have picked a dad who was firm, but jovial like Jason Seaver, or someone more roll-with-the-punches like Frank Lambert? Whoever you think the best TV dad from the '90s would be (should be, IS!), this is your chance to vote and tell the world about the man you would have as your TV foster dad.   

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