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The Best A Perfect Circle Albums, Ranked

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We're ranking the top A Perfect Circle albums of all time. One of the best alternative metal bands ever and a band that has inspired a seriously devoted following, A Perfect Circle's filmography features a number of popular songs, such as "Weak and Powerless" and "Judith," as well as classic album cuts for serious fans. Featuring members of great rock bands like Tool, Primus, The Vandals, and Marilyn Manson, among others, A Perfect Circle is among the top side project bands ever to come together and their chart success throughout their career proves their continued popularity with fans.

From their 2000 debut Mer de Noms to the 2018 release Eat the Elephant, the list of A Perfect Circle albums features the kind of hard-driving music that defined the artists' separate bands, brought together in a way that has proven satisfying to generations of hard rock fans. Vote up the best A Perfect Circle albums, and vote down the ones that were disappointing.

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    1. The Hollow
    2. Magdalena
    3. Rose
    4. Judith
    5. Orestes
    6. 3 Libras
    7. Sleeping Beauty
    8. Thomas
    9. Renholdër
    10. Thinking of You
    11. Breña
    12. Over

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      1. The Package
      2. Weak and Powerless
      3. The Noose
      4. Blue
      5. Vanishing
      6. A Stranger
      7. The Outsider
      8. Crimes
      9. The Nurse Who Loved Me
      10. Pet
      11. Lullaby
      12. Gravity

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        1. Annihilation
        2. Imagine
        3. Peace, Love, and Understanding
        4. What's Going On
        5. Passive
        6. Gimmie Gimmie Gimmie
        7. People Are People
        8. Freedom of Choice
        9. Let's Have a War
        10. Cunting Bodies Like Sheep to the Rhythm of the War Drums
        11. When the Levee Breaks
        12. Fiddle and the Drum

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          1. Eat the Elephant
          2. Disillusioned
          3. The Contrarian
          4. The Doomed
          5. So Long, and Thanks for All the Fish
          6. TalkTalk
          7. By and Down the River
          8. Delicious
          9. DLB
          10. Hourglass
          11. Feathers
          12. Get the Lead Out

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