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The Best A Star Is Born Quotes

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A Star Is Born follows a country singer with a drinking problem who discovers and falls in love with a younger "no-name" singer. Bradley Cooper directed the movie using a screenplay Eric Roth, Bradley Cooper and Will Fetters wrote based on the 1937 film of the same name. For this list we're highlighting the best quotes from A Star Is Born, with the help of your votes.

In A Star Is Born, Jackson Maine (Bradley Cooper) is dealing with personal demons when he meets a young struggling singer, Ally (Lady Gaga) Jackson takes her into his world of fame and they fall in love. While facing his obstacles, Jackson is met with help from a friend, Noodles (Dave Chappelle) who convinces Jackson that Ally could help him. Ally and Jackson develop a strong relationship, but his level of fame puts it to the test.

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    Like Where You At

    Noodles: You know it's like, I dunno you... you float out... float out at sea then one day you find a port say, "I'm gonna stay here a few days." Few days 'comes a few years. Then you forgot where you're going in the first place. Then you realize you don't really give a sh*t about where you was goin', cause you like where you at.

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    Twelve Notes

    Bobby: Music is essentially twelve notes between any octave. Twelve notes and the octave repeats. It's the same story told over and over. All the artist can offer the world is how they see those twelve notes.

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    Another Look At You

    Jackson Maine: Hey!
    Ally: What?
    Jackson Maine: I just wanted to take another look at you.

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    That's The Truth

    Jackson Maine: Unless you get out there and try to do it, you'll never know. That's just the truth. If there's one reason we're suppose to be here is to say somethin' so people wanna hear it. So you gotta grab it and you don't apologize you don't worry about why they're listenin' or how long they're gonna be listening for. You just tell em what you wanna say.

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