The Best A24 Movies, Ranked

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Only movies distributed by A24.

With the phenomenal success of Moonlight, films distributed by A24 are attracting the attention of both critics and audiences. From comedies to dramas to documentaries, the best A24 movies take artistic risks and strive to tell overlooked and underappreciated stories. This list of A24 films includes every movie produced by the company so far. 

In addition to the Best Picture Oscar winner Moonlight, A24 has produced recent award-winning hits, such as Lady Bird and The Disaster Artist. Some of the studio's earliest films, like The Spectacular Now and The Bling Ring, gained positive reviews and large audiences. Boundary-pushing films - like The Obvious Child and Spring Breakers - resulted in much discussion, debate, and disagreement throughout the film community. Other A24 movies include Ex Machina, 20th Century Women, Room, and The Witch.

While all A24 movies contribute something unique to the company, which movies from A24 are the best? Vote below to help decide, and add anything you feel is missing. 

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