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Fast, Effective Ab Workouts That'll Give You Your Dream Body

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It's that terrible time of week. Even worse than #legday and #armday, it's ab day. If you're bored with your standard routine or not seeing the results you want, it's time to switch it up! Our list has 25 new ab workout routines to help you get the abs you've always dreamed of.

What does it take to get great abs? Hours at the gym? Maybe. Never eating a carb ever again? Perhaps. But you don't have to count every calorie or spend your life doing sit ups to get fit and healthy. Maybe it just takes a quick workout (two to ten minutes) of really good, concentrated, breath-stealing, heart-racing ab work (plus a healthy diet). Or maybe it's just mastering one all powerful superhero move. We won't give that move away here, you'll have to check out the list, but we will give you a few hints: it rhymes with "clank" and for a while it was a big thing to do in random places. 

Okay, enough with the mystery! If you want to find those abs you know are secretly under that layer of "hibernation warmth," you better get moving (and scrolling) through our list of the best ab workouts. These quick ab exercises will get you looking and feeling good in no time.

So throw on your gym shorts and tank top, lay down a mat, and get crunching! Vote up the workout that will have you offering free washes (get it, washboard abs?) in no time!

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    Six Pack Abs in 20 Min by GymRa

    Video: YouTube
    GymRa created this video. it starts simple and builds to more difficult exercises. Check out more at the GymRa YouTube Channel
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    The Only Ab Move You Need for Summer by Sarah Fit

    Video: YouTube
    This is the only move you need says Sarah Fit. She posts new posts every Tuesday and Thursday on her YouTube Channel
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    5 Minute Workout ABS!! by Zuzka Light

    Video: YouTube
    Zuzka Light's YouTube Channel has a ton of workouts for every day of the week. Her ZGym website promises the best fitness of your life in just 20 minutes a day. 
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    The Death Ab Workout by Brendan Meyers

    Video: YouTube
    Don't be scared by the name of this workout. Okay, maybe be a little scared. Check out more of Brendan Meyer's videos at his YouTube page (there's a crazy transformation video) and at his official Brendan Meyers webpage. 
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