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The Best ABC Comedies of All Time

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List of the best ABC comedies of all time as voted, ranked by fans who watched them live or as reruns. This list includes top sitcoms like "Roseanne," "Happy Days," and "Boy Meets World," as well as dramedy shows like "Ugly Betty" and "The Wonder Years." Since its acceptance into homes around the world in the 1950s, television has been a vital part in molding character and asserting social influence. We have watched live performances by Elvis and The Beatles, and we saw the launches space shuttles into orbit; TV is deeply ingrained into our social lexicon.

What have been the greatest ABC sitcoms ever? In the beginning, there were only three networks: ABC, CBS, and NBC. This list has been ranked by men and women of all ages, ranking the top comedy shows on the American Broadcasting Corporation, aka ABC. The transmission of moving images through television has allowed the public to live vicariously through stories of imagination and also see themselves reflected in stories more based in reality. From cartoons to game shows to variety programs, daytime soaps to primetime sitcoms, TV gives us a myriad of programs from which to be endlessly entertained and informed. So what is the best ABC comedy of all time? Vote on favorite, from classic "Ozzie and Harriet" all the way up to "Modern Family."

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