Every Single AC/DC Song With The Word 'Rock' In The Title, Ranked

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Vote up the AC/DC songs that, um, rock.

If there's one thing that AC/DC has been crystal clear about over their 40 year career it's that they like to rock. A lot. Across albums such as Let There Be Rock, For Those About To Rock (We Salute You) and Rock Or Bust the Aussie rockers have written over 20 songs pledging their allegiance to rock, expressing their desire to rock and warning the world that you cannot, under any circumstance, stop the rock. Angus and Malcolm Young had rock 'n' roll dreams, suffered rock 'n' roll damnation and rode the rock 'n' roll train to the end of the line and back. They also did a lot of partying along the way.

We put on our headphones for a straight dose of rock and roll thunder and ranked every AC/DC song with the word rock in the title. Now it's your turn to vote.