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The 15 Best Action Anime on Crunchyroll

Updated 6 Nov 2018 2.9k votes 635 voters 19.6k views15 items

With all the amazing action anime on Crunchyroll, it's time to take a look at the best the streaming platform has to offer. From Mob Psycho 100 to Attack on Titan, these are the best action anime currently streaming on Crunchyroll, ranked by your votes!

Crunchyroll has some of the best selections when it comes to anime’s action genre. There’s a variety of shows and not all of them are Dragon Ball-esque, where the fighting is the only point of the series even being made. A lot of the shows have depth to their overall plot and give you something a little extra with the incredibly animated fight scenes sure to come.

One of the most popular action anime on Crunchyroll is My Hero Academia, the anime that follows a boy name Midoriya along his journey to become the world's strongest hero. Is this your top choice? Vote up your favorite Crunchyroll action anime on the list below!

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