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The 15 Best Action Anime on Crunchyroll

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With all the amazing action anime on Crunchyroll, it's time to take a look at the best the streaming platform has to offer. From Mob Psycho 100 to Attack on Titan, these are the best action anime currently streaming on Crunchyroll, ranked by your votes!

Crunchyroll has some of the best selections when it comes to anime’s action genre. There’s a variety of shows and not all of them are Dragon Ball-esque, where the fighting is the only point of the series even being made. A lot of the shows have depth to their overall plot and give you something a little extra with the incredibly animated fight scenes sure to come.

One of the most popular action anime on Crunchyroll is My Hero Academia, the anime that follows a boy name Midoriya along his journey to become the world's strongest hero. Is this your top choice? Vote up your favorite Crunchyroll action anime on the list below!

  • Asta has waited his whole life to receive his grimoire and begin his quest to become the Wizard King. Growing up an orphan with nothing to his name, he trained everyday to complete the first step; becoming a magic knight. However, when Asta's grimoire doesn't appear, it grows clear that he will never be able to use magic. Yet, that doesn't mean that Asta will give up on his dreams. Once you get past his obvious screaming, the show is definitely a shounen anime you're going to want on your watch list. 

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  • We know you've probably heard of this anime before, especially if you're already involved in the anime community, but if you haven't watched it yet you should! Attack on Titan tells the story of Eren Jager, a young boy who loses his parents during the Colossal Titan's attack. With the need for revenge, Eren grows up in order to join the military and defeat the very monsters that demolished his world. However, Eren discovers that he himself may not be so different from those he seeks to destroy. 

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  • If you keep up with anime culture, you've probably heard about My Hero Academia; it's one of the most popular shounens out right now. Izuku Midoriya has wanted nothing more than to be a hero with amazing abilities that can save people in need. However, from a young age, Izuku has been told that he has no Quirk; meaning he has no powers. As heartbroken as he is, Izuku is determined to find a way to become the greatest hero ever, even without any powers. 

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  • Akame ga Kill! is one of those series that definitely has a lot of action in it, even if it does tend to lean a little more towards gorey. Tatsumi is a hopeful young man who travels with his two childhood friends to the Capital in hopes of making money to send back to their poor village. After their adventure goes horribly south when the truth of the Captial and its citizens is revealed, Tatsumi joins the Night Raid; a revolutionary group that hopes to overthrow the prime minister. The show features a lot of twisted moments, but is certainly worth the watch! 

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