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The 15 Best Action Anime OVAs of All Time

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OVAs, also known as Original Video Animations, are anime with one or more episodes that are directly released to the public without being released in theaters or aired on TV. Sometimes, they are extras bundled with manga or DVD releases, and sometimes they are independent projects. Some of them are even full-length series! Just like TV anime, OVAs come in every genre - including action. Let's take a look at some fantastic action anime OVAs. 

Because OVAs are often associated with offshoots of TV series that tell side stories or develop a side character, it might be surprising to learn that the best action anime OVAs include full-length series. Hellsing Ultimate, for example, is a fully realized series at 10 episodes long. Even more surprisingly, the 110-episode Legend of the Galactic Heroes technically qualifies as an OVA. But some great action OVAs do fit the pattern - Attack on Titan: No Regrets does a deep dive into the Survey Corps leader Levi's backstory. 

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    Attack on Titan: No Regrets

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    Levi Ackerman is one of the most beloved characters in Attack on Titan, so an OVA that details his backstory is a welcome addition to the series. No Regrets opens with Levi as a young man struggling to survive in the Underground, a hellish slum from which there is seemingly no escape. Because they have so few options, Levi and his friends Isabel and Farlan spend their days committing crimes for cash. One day, they accept an assassination gig - in exchange for taking out Erwin Smith, they'll gain citizenship above ground. As they spend more time on the surface world, they learn that that may not be such a great deal after all - and Levi discovers that Erwin is someone he respects more than anyone else he's ever met in his life. 

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    One Punch Man: Road to Hero

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    One Punch Man: Road to Hero serves as a prequel to the original series, and while it's anime-only, it was written by the manga's creator, ONE. It depicts Saitama during his training period. Thanks to his hardcore training regimen, he's constantly destroying his tracksuit, but a local tailor is kind enough to fix it for free. When his tailor starts getting hassled by a local gang and might need to close up shop, Saitama steps in to help him. If you love Saitama, you won't want to miss his early foray into heroism.

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  • Hunter X Hunter is a long story with a rich background, so it's nice to have OVAs dedicated to side stories that are just as exciting as the series proper but are also relatively self-contained. Greed Island is an OVA that provides just that. After defeating the Spiders, Gon and Killua are still searching for Gon's father Ging - but they decide that they need a bit of a diversion, which is how they end up trying to play Greed Island, a game with potentially lethal consequences for those who lose. 

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  • Kenshin Himura was once known as the Hitokiri Battousai, a legendary assassin who took lives in order to further his political goals. Eventually, he came to realize that he no longer wishes to pursue a path of violence and instead wishes to pursue the life of a pacifist. However, he'll still fight to protect others from harm. How did a ruthless mercenary become such a gentle person? That's the question that Samurai X: Trust and Betrayal seeks to answer. It goes back to Kenshin's early childhood, depicting both the violence of his surroundings and the difficult choices he was forced to make in order to survive. This is a necessary companion to the TV anime Rurouni Kenshin.

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