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The Best Action Anime of All Time

Updated 23 Apr 2020 745.1k votes 96.0k voters 1.9m views187 items

Action anime is hard to define, but if a show has car chases and epic battles, then it probably fits the genre's description. For example, fantasy anime and mecha anime such as Neon Genesis Evangelion typically fall under that umbrella. Here are the best action anime series of all time, ranked by the votes of anime fans like you. We want to hear your opinion about the shows on this poll, so please give any show you've seen and upvote or downvote depending on whether or not you would recommend it to another anime fan. What exactly makes a series an action anime? Shows with emphasis on sword fighting and heroes dueling like Berserk and Fate/Zero are classified as action, but so are shows that are more crime focused, like Psycho Pass and Cowboy Bebop. Perhaps you could say that if the action is the primary vehicle for the show's plot to move forward, than that series could be classified as action anime. So, what is the best fighting anime? We've included the top action anime we could think of, but we're not perfect! Add your favorite show to this list if it's missing, so that other people can vote on it too.

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