The Best Drama Movies For Action Fans

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These are the best action drama movies the hybrid genre has to offer. They tend to be slower movies that are punctuated by scenes of dramatic action. Often times centered around a character looking for redemption as is the case in Tony Scott's Man on Fire starring Denzel Washington. Westerns easily lend themselves to the hybrid genre of dramatic action and you'll find a few on this list such as Unforgiven and the Coen Brothers' The Quick and the Dead. But are these films the top action dramas out there? You get to help decide by voting up your favorite dramatic action movies.

The greatest action drama movies give you compelling, thoughtful storylines but also deliver the expected adrenaline rush. Now it's time to determine the best action drama movie of all time. Vote up the action drama movies that you love and vote down the ones that you wish you'd never seen. Don't see your favorite or new action drama on the list? Feel free to rerank this list to add in your favorites and share it with your friends to see what they think.


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