The 100+ Best Action Movies For Horror Fans

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Vote up your favorite terrifying action movies.

Are you ready for some frightening action-packed movies? These scary action films are the best that the hybrid genre has to offer. There are plenty of movies that fit this genre but good action-adventure horror films can be hard to find. Not sure what movies you will see on this list? Aliens, Overlord, and Mandy are just some of the top action horror movies you can vote on below. But are they the top action-packed horror films? The greatest scary action films deliver a double dose of adrenaline with their deadly combination of monsters, thrills, and chills.

Now it's time to determine the best action horror movie of all time. Vote up the action horror films that you love and vote down the ones that you wish you'd never seen. Check back for new action horror films as they are released.

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