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The Best Action Movies on Amazon Prime is a complete Amazon Prime streaming list for your perusal. All the best action films on Amazon Prime are listed in one convenient place so you can fully utilize your Amazon Prime service. Some of the best movies of all time are now available on Amazon Prime instant so you can catch up on new hit movies and classic film hits right in your living room.

This Amazon prime streaming movie list has nearly as many of the greatest action films to watch as a traditional movie store. Oscar nominees like Spectre and a host of the best superhero movies ever like Iron Man are available on Amazon Prime as are new hits like The Hunger Games: Mockingjay, Mission: Impossible, and Sicario.  Amazon Prime has top classics like Top Gun and The Boondock Saints streaming as well. 

What are the best Amazon Prime action movies? What is available on the Amazon Prime streaming action selection? Are there new action films on Amazon Prime? This Amazon Prime streaming list is here to get you started on the best Amazon streaming action movies has to offer. This is in no way a complete list, so if you know your favorite movie isn't on this list of Amazon Prime instant movies, make sure to add it so other Amazon Prime users can find the best action movies on Amazon instant.

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13 Hours: The Secret Soldiers of Benghazi John Krasinski, Pablo Schreiber, James Badge Dale

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Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark Harrison Ford, Alfred Molina, Karen Allen

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Sicario Laureano Olivares, Gledys Ibarra

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Spectre Daniel Craig

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Iron Man Gwyneth Paltrow, Robert Downey Jr., Samuel L. Jackson

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Mission: Impossible Tom Cruise, Jon Voight, Vanessa Redgrave

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The Boondock Saints Willem Dafoe, Norman Reedus, Billy Connolly

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Patriot Games Harrison Ford, Samuel L. Jackson, James Earl Jones

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Payback Mel Gibson, Lucy Liu, Maria Bello

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Mission: Impossible - Rogue Nation Tom Cruise, Jeremy Renner, Rebecca Ferguson

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The Hunger Games: Mockingjay, Part 1 Jennifer Lawrence, Elizabeth Banks, Julianne Moore

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The Running Man Arnold Schwarzenegger, Jim Brown, Jesse Ventura

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American Ultra Kristen Stewart, Connie Britton, Topher Grace

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Top Gun Tom Cruise, Meg Ryan, Val Kilmer

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Gone in 60 Seconds Angelina Jolie, Nicolas Cage, Robert Duvall

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Bone Tomahawk Kurt Russell, Timothy Olyphant, Jennifer Carpenter

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Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom Harrison Ford, Steven Spielberg, Dan Aykroyd

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Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade Harrison Ford, Sean Connery, River Phoenix

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A History of Violence Viggo Mortensen, Maria Bello, Ed Harris

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Terminator Genisys Arnold Schwarzenegger, Emilia Clarke, Matt Smith

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Cloverfield Odette Annable, Lizzy Caplan, Jessica Lucas

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Hellboy John Hurt, Selma Blair, Ron Perlman

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Beverly Hills Cop II Eddie Murphy, Chris Rock, Gilbert Gottfried

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A Most Violent Year Jessica Chastain, Albert Brooks, Oscar Isaac

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Days of Thunder Tom Cruise, Nicole Kidman, Robert Duvall

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The Mark of Zorro Milton Berle, Douglas Fairbanks, Noah Beery^! Jr.

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24: Redemption Kiefer Sutherland, Jon Voight, Robert Carlyle

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The Transporter Refueled Ed Skrein, Ray Stevenson, Loan Chabanol

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The Hunger Games: Mockingjay, Part 2 Jennifer Lawrence, Elizabeth Banks, Woody Harrelson

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RoboCop 3 Eva LaRue, Jill Hennessy, Rip Torn

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Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull Cate Blanchett, Harrison Ford, Shia LaBeouf

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Barely Lethal Jessica Alba, Samuel L. Jackson, Sophie Turner (actress)n

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When Trumpets Fade Timothy Olyphant, Jeffrey Donovan, Dwight Yoakam

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Master with Cracked Fingers Jackie Chan, Tien Feng, Chan Hung-lit

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RoboCop 2 Peter Weller, Leeza Gibbons, Nancy Allen

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Ultimate Force Mirko Filipović, Simon Kassianides, Bozidar Smiljanic

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The Job Daryl Hannah, Brad Renfro, Eric Mabius