The Saddest Action Movies That Make You Cry

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Action movies that contain an inherent sad element.

Action movies are not always the films to watch when you're looking for a good cry but sad scenes in our favorite action movies really get to us, you know; emotionally and stuff. They're normally some of the best films to watch when you just want to be entertained. Action movies have been around for decades and they've evolved over time, but they've always been about one thing: kicking butt. So it comes as that much more of a surprise when they end up being somewhat depressing.

Some of these sad action movies feature death scenes that will make you wallow in sorrow, while others have emotional moments between characters that tug at your heartstrings and make you shed a tear or two (or more). Sad action films feature the death of beloved characters, while others have extremely poignant moments between impressive explosions. 

Now it's time to determine which of these sad action movies makes you cry the most. Is it the final scene from Terminator 2? Braveheart? Or when Goose dies in Top Gun? Oops; spoiler alert. The best part about this list is that you can vote for all your favorite action-packed tearjerkers below and see where it ranks!