The Best Action Movies to Watch on LSD

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If you're looking to add a bit of adventure to your next trip, check out this list of action films to watch when you're high. You may find yourself enhanced on LSD and on the hunt for adventure. However, wandering into the world under the influence could be potentially dangerous. Here, you'll find a collection of trippy films that will allow you to participate in all manners of intergalactic travel without any real world dangers of accidentally believing you can fly. 

When it comes to the best action movies to watch on LSD, it's best to know your own limitations as far as whether too much death or overt violence is going to upset you. After all, a bad trip is not the kind of action anybody's looking for. The films you'll find here tend to keep things fun with lots of flashy colors, trippy plots, and occasionally mind-bending adventures that will take on a whole new significance on acid. 

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