The 15 Best Action Romance Anime You Need To Watch

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Maybe you're an action buff who appreciates a good love story. On the flip side, maybe you're a hopeless romantic who gets bored with mundane, slice-of-life settings. If either of these descriptions fits, you need to be watching action romance anime, a genre that will make your heart pound in more ways than one. 

The best action romance anime combine everything that's great about both genres while nixing the annoying stuff. They place equal value on the fight scenes that make action anime so exciting and the emotionally compelling love stories that exist at the heart of romance. The most infamous example is InuYasha - a story about a teenage girl searching for magical items with the help of a half-demon who she's falling in love with - but there are plenty of other great action romance anime that fit the bill.

If this genre sounds like it's up your alley, then you might soon find a new favorite show.


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    In Yona of the Dawn, Princess Yona lives a life of luxury until her father is assassinated, and she suddenly has to reckon with the realities of the world outside the palace. She discovers that the world is actually full of corruption and inequality, and decides that as a princess, it's her duty to restore peace and safety to the people of the Kingdom of Kouka.

    As she struggles to restore justice, she gathers comrades to help her out. One of them is Son Hak, a powerful soldier who leads the Wind Tribe. Their developing relationship runs parallel to the political intrigue and battle sequences that carry the show.

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    When hundreds of people are trapped in a virtual reality game - the namesake of Sword Art Online - Kirito and Asuna must work together to beat the game and escape back into their real lives - it's either that or die inside the game.

    Over the course of their journey, they end up developing a romantic relationship - one which they carry over into the real world once they finally escape. 

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    InuYasha follows, Kagome Higurashi, a seemingly ordinary high school girl whose life changes forever when a demon drags her down a well and she winds up in Sengoku era Japan. There, a wish granting jewel manifests inside of her, but it breaks during a battle with a demon. With help from a half-human, half-demon hybrid named Inuyasha and several other allies, she sets off to find the shattered remnants of the jewel to make sure that they aren't used for evil.

    Over the course of their journey, Kagome and Inuyasha grow closer and eventually fall in love.

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    The Devil Is A Part-Timer!

    The Devil Is A Part-Timer!
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    After being forced through an interdimensional portal by a hero named Emilia, Satan finds himself stranded in modern day Tokyo. To survive, he winds up getting a job in the anime version of McDonald's. The Devil Is a Part-Timer! isn't all french fries and hamburgers, however - the half-angel who defeated Satans wants to make sure he's gone for good, so she follows him on to Earth, where she too is stripped of her powers.

    Now, their battles are more slice-of-life than life-or-death, but they still duke it out - until they start to develop genuine romantic feelings for one another.