The Best Action TV Shows of 2023

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With studios pumping more and more money into the small screen, the best action TV shows of 2023 can often rival the biggest movie theater blockbusters. The shows on this list span from fantasy to superhero to police procedural and everything in between, but the one thing they have in common is a whole lot of adrenaline pumping moments.

Amazon's The Boys is a snarky, satirical take on the superhero genre that still delivers on the action. Disney's The Mandalorian, helmed by an excellent performance by Pedro Pascal, continues to delight Star Wars enthusiasts and casuals alike. And of course, The Witcher deserves a mention - despite now being a Henry Cavill-less affair.

What action shows do you think are the best of the year? Vote up your favorites and be sure to skim the list for new recommendations.

Photo: Peacemaker / HBO Max