The Best Action Shows On Amazon Prime

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Latest additions: Harlan Coben's Shelter, New Bandits, Citadel
Most divisive: Star Trek: The Original Series

Of all the TV shows out there, action shows are typically hard to beat—and Amazon Prime has a great offering. Sure, comedies make you laugh. Thrillers keep you in suspense. But it's action that really packs a punch and keeps us wanting more. Whatever type of action series you're into, you can probably find something on Amazon Prime. 

For instance, popular shows like The Tick or more drama-oriented ones like The Boys and Vikings are both solid choices—lest we forget any thrillers. Simply put, you can find some of the best action shows with your Prime membership (lucky!). Of course, you can't forget about animated action series, such as Batman and Superman—and both adults and kids alike can enjoy adventure shows like these.

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