Who's The Best Actor From Every State?

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No matter what part of the US you're from, you can brag about the famous people who grew up in your state. If you're not sure which stars got their start in your homeland, it's time for a quick refresher on the best actor from every state. 

In states that spawned a considerable number of celebrities, some pretty good actors don't make the cut. While Jack Nicholson could be considered one of the best actors of all time, he unfortunately grew up in the same state as Meryl Streep (sorry, Jack). If musicians were added into the mix, the competition would be even steeper.  

Most of these renowned performers have won Oscars and Emmys, and some have appeared in fantastic movies and TV shows filmed in their native lands. You might not recognize a small handful of these actors, as a few snuck onto the list thanks to their tiny home states.

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