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The Best Actress Curse: All The Women Who Experienced Calamities After Winning An Oscar

Updated 14 Aug 2020 5.2k views22 items

Love doesn't always mean happily-ever-after, especially in Hollywood. There seems to be an Oscar love curse that primarily plagues Best Actress winners. It's impossible to find logic in any alleged curse, let alone one that only seems to impact Academy Award-feted actresses.

Are curses a cosmic way to achieve balance as if the universe creates a yin and yang approach to fortune? Achieve success in one area and simultaneously lose ground in another? Or, is the Academy Awards actress curse just a superstition or mere coincidence? After all, Hollywood does seem to have a higher-than-average divorce and breakup rate. While there is no scientific manner to prove that such a curse exists, these Best Actress winners seem to justify the notion. 

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