The Best Actresses Of 2018, Ranked

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Every year, we all wish to have our "best year ever", and while it doesn't always work out that way, some actresses have truly been doing so in 2018. From leading reboots to stealing the show in the year's biggest blockbusters, some actresses completely stepped their game up and made 2018 a year for the books. Regardless of their stature in years past, these ladies rose to the top and became some of the top actresses of 2018. How do these actresses compare to the 2018's biggest actors

What's so great about these actresses is it's really a diverse group of women—in multiple aspects. From those who typically star in dramas to the more funny females, the most popular actresses in 2018 feature quite the array of women. Some of the most popular actresses right now in 2018 include Zazie Beetz, Tessa Thompson, Cate Blanchett, Letitia Wright, Anne Hathaway, and Dakota Johnson.

In short, there were quite a few actresses to watch in 2018, but it's up to you as fans to decide just who had the best year. Check out the list below and vote up the actresses you were most impressed with. 

Most divisive: Tessa Thompson
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