The Best Actresses Who Won Razzies

The best actresses who won Razzies might surprise you. Several of the women on this list of Golden Raspberry Award winners are some of the best actresses in film history, including a few Academy Award winners. This list of Razzie actress winners proves without a doubt that bad films happen to good people. Need further proof? This list of the best actors who won Razzies should solidify the idea. Vote for the actresses you think are fantastic, despite a misstep (or two), and feel free to rerank this list any way you want.

Just because Sandra Bullock can swoop in and win the Best Actress Oscar for 'The Blind Side' doesn't mean we can (or should) ever forget that she also starred in 'All About Steve.' In fact, Sandra Bullock apparently doesn't want us to forget, either: She showed up in person to accept her Razzie Awards for the movie in 2009. And guess what? When Oscar winner Halle Berry won the Worst Actress Razzie Award for 'Catwoman,' she also turned up at the Golden Raspberry ceremonies to accept the award in person.

Let's face it, though: Some of the actresses who won Razzies aren't that awesome. For every Faye Dunaway or Melanie Griffith, you've got a Carmen Electra or a Paris Hilton (are they even actresses, really?). The women listed here had the great misfortune of starring in some of the worst movies of all time. Need examples, you say? Jennifer Lopez won the Worst Actress Razzie Award for 'Gigli,' Kelly Preston was given the honor for her role in 'Battlefield Earth' and Alicia Silverstone won for 'Batman & Robin.' Enough said.
Photo: Wikimedia Commons / CC-BY
Ranked by
  • Sandra Bullock
    346 votes
    All About Steve (Worst Actress and Worst Screen Couple with Bradley Cooper)
  • Nicole Kidman
    285 votes
    Bewitched (Worst Screen Couple for with Will Ferrell)
  • Halle Berry
    307 votes
  • Jennifer Lopez
    252 votes
    Gigli (Worst Actress and Worst Screen Couple with Ben Affleck)
  • Sharon Stone
    237 votes
    Intersection, The Specialist (Worst Couple with Sylvester Stalone) and Basic Instinct 2
  • Demi Moore
    249 votes
    The Juror, Striptease (Worst Couple with Burt Reynolds), G.I. Jane and Charlie's Angels: Full Throttle