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The Most Memorable Quotes From 'Ad Astra'

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If you've seen the film, now is your chance to vote for the best Ad Astra quotes. This science-fiction drama deals with some heavy issues but does so in a contemplative and poignant manner. There are no funny lines or quips. There are, however, quite a few meaningful pieces of dialogue that get at the deep themes being explored in the story. 

Brad Pitt plays astronaut Roy McBride. He's sent on a mission to Mars, where he will record a transmission meant for his father, Cliff (Tommy Lee Jones). Cliff was part of the Lima Project, a search for intelligent life elsewhere in the universe. He and his crew disappeared years ago, but a recent series of mysterious power surges impacting Earth suggests he might still be alive and stranded on Neptune. Over the course of his mission, Roy must come to terms with the fact that his father was far more focused on his career than on his family and that he might just be following in his dad's footsteps. Director James Gray has crafted a solemn tale of fathers and sons, specifically the way an absentee parent can have a profound impact on a child, despite not being present.

Vote up your choices for the most memorable Ad Astra quotes, regardless of which character speaks them. 

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    Be Free Of Him

    Roy McBride: I don't know if I hope to find him or finally be free of him. 

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    Roy McBride: I've seen that rage in my father, and I've seen that rage in me. 

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    Roy McBride: I've been trained to compartmentalize. Seems to be how I live my life. 

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    Already Broken

    Roy McBride: What happened to my father? What did he find out there? Did it break him, or was he already broken?

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