The Best New Adult Animation Of 2022

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Vote up the best TV adult animated series that premiered their first season in 2022.

The best adult animated shows know that cartoons for grownups are more than crude jokes (although those are good too). From existential crises and dark worries to lighthearted and very grown-up lols, the new adult animated TV series premiering in 2022 take advantage of the flexibility of the medium for storytelling.

Can owning a house be a terrifying thing? This is a very grown-up question and the unsettling stop-motion animated series The House answers it in as creepy a way as possible. Adult Swim always lives up to its name with great adult animation and its new series Smiling Friends is a great addition. Other great new adult animation includes the highly anticipated Critical Role animated series The Legend of Vox Machina.

Check out the 2022 adult animated shows below and vote up the very best. Then see what returning adult animated series are available in 2022.