The Best Adult Animated TV Shows Of 2023

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Who said cartoons are just for kids? From crude humor to complex political takedowns, the best adult animated TV shows of 2023 use their format to convey larger-than-life personalities and ideas. Adults seem to be taking a great interest in animated shows as of late, evidenced by Fox bringing back their animated programming block - Animation Domination. Currently, the lineup consists of Family Guy, Bob's Burgers, The Simpsons, and The Great North.

This year, the Justin Roiland/Dan Harmon duo continues to pump out episodes of acclaimed sci-fi comedy Rick and Morty. Raunchy spy comedy Archer also continues to keep things fresh after 13 seasons, returning to its roots after a few conceptual seasons. Other notable shows on this list include Invincible, Solar Opposites, and Inside Job.

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