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The 20 Best Adult Swim Anime Promos Ever Made

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Adult Swim has always been on the frontier of animation, and in the late '90s and early 2000s the anime on Adult Swim introduced millions of young people to the fascinating world of Japanese animation. Rather than saying, “up next, we’ve got a show about a 12-year-old ninja who has the ghost of a fox inside of him,” Adult Swim made jaw droppingly good promos. If you didn’t have the pleasure of living through the era of Toonami, get ready to have your mind blown by these Adult Swim anime promos that could make any series look like a must-watch.

Adult Swim's best anime promo videos pick a tone and relentlessly grind it into the audience’s brain. Whether they’re going for a Tarantinoesque cool, or a stark visual palette, the promos are just as fun to watch as the anime they were based on. Vote up your favorite anime promos that ran on Adult Swim, no matter how old the show is now.