The Best Adult Swim TV Shows

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The best Adult Swim series stood out as Cartoon Network's late night shows, bringing weird and wonderful adult animation into more homes. Originally airing syndicated shows, Adult Swim soon moved to original cartoon series like Aqua Teen Hunger Force. This list of popular Adult Swim shows is ranked from best to worst and includes the top Adult Swim TV series, both current and canceled shows as well as the date when each first aired and the casts of actors. The best Adult Swim TV programs of all time include the most viewed shows of all time, as this list covers the entire history of the network, including long-running series Robot Chicken,. This list is sorted alphabetically by the title of every original Adult Swim show ever, and you can sort by any column, even year of release for a list of old Adult Swim shows or even unaired Adult Swim series.

The cult-favorite Adult Swim cartoon Rick and Morty is near the top, as are other cartoons like The Venture Bros. and Metalocalypse. There aren't only animated series on Adult Swim, the network's particular style works just as well in live-action series such as Childrens Hospital.

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