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The Best Adventure Movies for 10 Year Old Kids

Updated 13 May 2019 409 votes 14 voters40 items

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This list of appropriate adventure movies for 10 year old kids is a mix of animated and live-action films. It also includes several G and PG-Rated selections; so there really is something for every young one. Here are some of the best adventure films that 10 year olds can and should watch.

Take your kids on a space adventure with SpaceCamp. Travel down the rabbit hole to Wonderland alongside Alice in the updated 2010 Tim Burton directed Alice in Wonderland. Or, put on your sleuth hat and work the conspiracy case alongside a rookie bunny cop and a con artist fox with the Oscar-winning animated Disney romp Zootopia. Those films may all be extremely different, but they all take their spectators on an epic and appropriate adventure.

What are the top adventure films for 10 year olds? Your votes will decide the number one spot. If we missed any adventure flicks you think would be perfect for a 10 year old, go ahead and add them to the list below. 

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