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The Best Adventure Movies for 12 Year Old Kids

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A life threatening true story about a trip to the moon, the hunt for pirate treasure, and the epic battle between the light side and the dark side of the force are just a few of the main stories on this list of adventure movies for 12 year old kids. It’s the last year of being a tween, and they’re just not quite ready for PG-13 yet. What are the best adventure films for 12 year olds?

Some of these adventure movies lean towards science fiction, others are more comedic, some are even animated. However, they all feature some kind of exciting journey and are good adventure movies for twelve year olds. Parents can rest easy knowing that these films will not contain too much violence or graphic language. Young kids can just relax and have a great experience watching these timeless classics.

What adventure movies should 12 year old kids watch? That's up to you, vote up or down on the movies listed below. Don’t see an appropriate adventure movie that you love? Go ahead and add it to the list.

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