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The Best Adventure Movies for 8 Year Old Kids

Updated 25 Apr 2019 709 votes 22 voters50 items

List RulesVote up the best G and PG-Rated adventure movies for eight year old kids to watch.

It’s hard to hold the attention of a young child for two hours. However, this list of adventure movies for 8 year old kids may just keep them happy and occupied. These G-Rated selections are all appropriate movies for eight year olds and promise to deliver all the fun and magic that the cinema has to offer.

Many of these adventure movies are animated classics like Finding Nemo and Toy Story. However, a few live action films also made the cut. The Black Stallion may have been released nearly four decades ago, but the story is truly timeless.

Whether it’s Muppets or monsters or 101 dalmatians; let your child’s imagination soar with these perfect adventure films for eight year old kids. Also, let us know what you think. Vote thumbs up or thumbs down on all your adventure movie likes and dislikes. Don’t see one of your favorites? Go ahead and add it to the list below.

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