The Best Fionna and Cake Episodes On 'Adventure Time'

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As great as Finn and Jake are, many fans love Fionna and Cake episodes the best. Few shows would regularly feature alternate reality episodes featuring gender-swapped characters all of the fans already know and love. Fortunately, Adventure Time isn't like most shows. In the third season, fans were introduced to Fionna The Human and Cake The Cat, female versions of Finn The Human and Jake The Dog. Their adventures were completely separate from the main storyline, but fans loved them just the same. Their debut episode would go on to become the most-watched episode of the series by that point. It's time to show some love for these brave warriors by ranking the best Fionna and Cake episodes of Adventure Time ever made. 

In their introductory episode, Fionna gets asked to the ball by Prince Gumball, but their plans get thrown into turmoil when the Ice Queen makes an unexpected appearance. In future episodes, a framing device would be introduced into the plot - usually as some kind of fan fiction, and often written by the Ice King - which tell of adventures that include a fresh perspective on the World of Ooo and the characters fans know and love.

All the episodes with Fionna and Cake from Adventure Time are included here. Vote for the ones you wish you had written as fan fiction yourself.