The Best Fionna and Cake Episodes On 'Adventure Time'

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As great as Finn and Jake are, many fans love Fionna and Cake episodes the best. Few shows would regularly feature alternate reality episodes featuring gender-swapped characters all of the fans already know and love. Fortunately, Adventure Time isn't like most shows. In the third season, fans were introduced to Fionna The Human and Cake The Cat, female versions of Finn The Human and Jake The Dog. Their adventures were completely separate from the main storyline, but fans loved them just the same. Their debut episode would go on to become the most-watched episode of the series by that point. It's time to show some love for these brave warriors by ranking the best Fionna and Cake episodes of Adventure Time ever made. 

In their introductory episode, Fionna gets asked to the ball by Prince Gumball, but their plans get thrown into turmoil when the Ice Queen makes an unexpected appearance. In future episodes, a framing device would be introduced into the plot - usually as some kind of fan fiction, and often written by the Ice King - which tell of adventures that include a fresh perspective on the World of Ooo and the characters fans know and love.

All the episodes with Fionna and Cake from Adventure Time are included here. Vote for the ones you wish you had written as fan fiction yourself. 

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    Fionna and Cake

    Prince Gumball asks Fionna to a dance, but the Ice Queen tries to kidnap him. Everyone's flustered, and Fionna and Cake try to discern whether Prince Gumball was really asking her on a date. Just when Fionna thinks Prince Gumball really likes her, she discovers that it was all just a deception created by the Ice Queen. After an intense battle, the real Prince Gumball asks her on a date, but she turns him down, insisting she doesn't need a boyfriend. 

    Framing for Fionna and Cake Story: At the end of the episode, it's revealed everything was just the Ice King's fan fiction. He read the story to Finn and Jake, who are trapped in ice. Ice King demands praise for his story, which Finn provides. 

    • Original Airing: September 5, 2011
    • Season: 3
    • Episode Number: 9
    • Series: Adventure Time
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    Bad Little Boy

    Fionna and Cake are on a quest to get the Enchiridion from Doctor Prince. Ice King helps them, introducing himself as a "really cool guy," and that's when the princesses have had just enough. They suggest making the story more realistic, so Fionna and Cake end up battling skeletons. 

    Framing for Fionna and Cake Story: Ice King has kidnapped several princesses, and he forces them to listen to his Fionna and Cake story. However, they tell him that this particular story is terrible, and Marceline gives him notes to make it better. 

    • Original Airing: February 18, 2013
    • Season: 5
    • Episode Number: 11
    • Series: Adventure Time
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    Mystery Dungeon

    A group consisting of Ice King, Neptr, Tree Trunks, Shelby, and Lemongrab go to the Ancient Sleeping Magi of Life Giving. Anything that goes through its flames will instantly come to life, and Ice King plans on making his fan fiction, namely Fionna and Cake, come to life. However, he soon discovers that the flames only bring the book to life, not the stories within. Ice King envisions Fionna talking to him, but in actuality, it's Neptr.

    Framing for Fionna and Cake Story: After being defeated, Ice King envisions Fionna speaking with him. Finn, Jake, and Shelby look from a distance and realize how sad this all is. 

    • Original Airing: January 21, 2013
    • Season: 5
    • Episode Number: 8
    • Series: Adventure Time
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    Five Short Tables

    Fionna and Cake work on creating "non-fiction" flapjacks to make eating their breakfast in chronological order easier. While they attempt to perfect their recipe, they observe moments in the lives of Prince Gumball, Flame Prince, and Lumpy Space Prince. Their new flapjack skills come in handy when they are confronted by a grumpy Ice Queen.

    Framing for Fionna and Cake story: Returning from an errand, the Ice King finds pages from his fanfiction vault strewn all over the palace while Gunter and the other penguins make edits to his writing. With the penguins frozen, the Ice King uses stray pages to put together a new series of stories, all centered around tables.

    • Original Airing: May 26, 2016
    • Season: 8
    • Episode Number: 9
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    Fionna and Cake and Fionna

    While Ice King is reading his story, a person claiming to be Fionna appears. When Ice King asks what happened to Cake, she merely says that an accident happened and she doesn't want to talk about it. Ice King steals a tape from this mysterious stranger, revealing that she's actually a mummy and not really Fionna. She tells Ice King that she intercepted signals from his mind and took the form of Fionna. 

    Framing for Fionna and Cake story: The Ice King is having a book reading for his latest Fionna and Cake fanficiton but it does not go as planned when someone claiming to be the real Fionna appears.

    • Original Airing: July 19, 2017
    • Season: 9
    • Episode Number: 12
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    The Prince Who Wanted Everything

    Fionna and Cake rescue captured princes and earn the attention of Lumpy Space Prince. LSP follows them back to their tree fort, where he studies their movements and techniques. Fionna becomes entranced with LSP, but he pushes her away, insisting that he can only be with someone who is his equal in every way (namely Lumpy Space Princess). 

    Framing for Fionna and Cake Story: Ice King wakes up tied up in a forest. Lumpy Space Princess appears, and she's written a story about a handsome prince she wants to be with. She asks Ice King to read the story since he's Fionna and Cake's creator. 

    • Original Airing: June 26, 2014
    • Season: 6
    • Episode Number: 9
    • Series: Adventure Time
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