The Best Lemongrab Episodes of 'Adventure Time'

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Lemongrab, voiced by the incomparable Justin Roiland, was accidentally created by Princess Bubblegum when one of her experiments goes terribly wrong. The result is an obnoxious, high-strung, power-hungry creature who was capable of usurping the throne when PB de-aged herself. He becomes a minor villain in the series and even turns the Candy Kingdom into a totalitarian state. See what other kinds of misadventures he got into by checking out the best Lemongrab episodes of Adventure Time

In "You Made Me," Lemongrab is caught spying on the people of the Candy Kingdom, so our heroes give him three prisoners to watch in his own castle. When that doesn't work out too well, they decide to create a second Lemongrab to keep him company, and those two create numerous lemon people over the years they reign. In "Too Old," it's revealed that Lemongrab has begun to eat Lemongrab 2 and has become hurtful toward his clone. He's a supremely dysfunctional character but one who's so off-putting, you can't help but see what he gets into next. 

The best episodes with Lemongrab in all Adventure Time seasons have been collected here on one list. Which episode will rule over the others? Which ones are doomed to reside in Lemongrab's stomach? That's up to you to decide.