100 Awesome Adventure Time Tattoos

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Which is the most popular "Adventure Time" character to get a tattoo of? Check out these 100 brilliantly designed and clever tributes to the kid's show that has grown a huge cult following among adults. Whether it's a silly, irreverent reference like Jake with his burrito, or highlighting one of the show's many underlying positive messages (homies help homies!), "Adventure Time" is a perfect way to show off your inner youthfulness. Are you the biggest fan of Jake the Dog and Finn the Human and their mathematical friendship, or are you drawn to some of the secondary but equally awesome characters? Whether it's BMO, Princess Bubblegum, or the Ice King, here are a whole mess of wonderfully drawn designs for you to get inspired by. 

Although it seems like the majority of tatted up Adventure Time fans are hot girls, there are a fair amount of dudes who also want the world to know, "hey, I'm a grown adult man who is also down with a show designed for children!" Rank which "Adventure Time" tattoos are the best designed, feature the best characters, or is just plain your favorite!

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