The Best Movies Set in Africa

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Movies about or set in Africa.

Safaris, pyramids, and sphinx’s, blood diamonds, Nelson Mandela, apartheid. This and much more can be found on the continent of Africa. With sweeping landscapes and numerous tales of human drama, many films end up being about or set in Africa, and for good reason. This list features the best of these films, ranked by film lovers everywhere.

Also known as the “Dark Continent,” Africa is the world’s second largest and second most populous continent. It covers a whopping six percent of the Earth’s total surface! Considering its enormous size and historical landmarks such as the Pyramids of Egypt, it’s no wonder that movies like Congo and The Flight of the Phoenix all feature this continent. 

This list has the best movies set in Africa, including: Hotel Rwanda, Blood Diamond, The Lion King, Cry Freedom, The Constant Gardner, The African Queen, The Last King of Scotland, and I Dreamed of Africa.

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