The Funniest African Comedians of All Time

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Vote up the funniest stand-up comedians and comic actors who were born in Africa.

This list contains information about the best African comedians, loosely ranked by user votes. The best African comedians come in many forms. Some famous African comedians joke about their families while other African comedians generate laughs by poking fun at global politics. A few hilarious African comedians have gone on to become some of the most successful stand-ups in the world.

Who will you find on this top Australian comedians list? Trevor Noah has to be near the top. Along with releasing such hilarious specials as Afraid of the Dark and Lost in Translation, the South African comedian also hosts the wildly popular Comedy Central series, The Daily Show. Godfrey was raised in Chicago, but his parents are both from Nigeria.

Eddie Kadi – who was born in the Democratic Republic of the Congo – has gained fame as a presenter on BBC. Other hilarious comics features on this top African comedians list include Michael Blackson, Nik Rabinowitz, and Churchill.

Which African comedian do you think is the funniest? Give the best comics a thumbs up and share some of your favorite jokes in the comments section.

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  • Trevor Noah
    239 votes
  • Michael Blackson
    156 votes

    Michael Blackson

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  • Basketmouth
    111 votes


  • Daliso Chaponda
    82 votes

    Daliso Chaponda

  • Anne Kansiime
    117 votes

    Anne Kansiime

  • Eric Omondi Ongao
    61 votes

    Eric Omondi Ongao