The Best Movies Based on Agatha Christie Stories

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Given The Guinness Book of Word Records lists her as the bestselling author of all time, it is no surprise Agatha Christie movies and television shows have been consistently popular for over 90 years. There have been a countless numbers of films and television series based on the quintessential crime author's novels, short stories, and plays. Why can Christie's work captivate audiences so consistently over time? Given the modern popularity of books like Gone Girl and Girl on a Train, it seems well-plotted, bizarre mysteries are always in demand. As Christie is the veritable master of this craft, her works continue to delight. 

The best Agatha Christie adaptations are often based on her most notable works, and it's not uncommon for there to be multiple iterations of the same book produced. And Then There Were None has not only been made into two films, the story is frequently parodied in pop culture. Murder on the Orient Express's 1974 adaptation featured screen legends like Ingrid Bergman and Sean Connery and the novel saw a second adaptation in 2017. It seems Agatha Christie mysteries will continue to inspire movies and television for the foreseeable future. Browse this list for suggestions if you're in need of some suspenseful film or television. 

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