The Best Age to Get Married

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The best age to get married is more often than not a matter of choice but there are a few ages that experts say are the best ages to get married to have a long and lasting marriage. There's no right or wrong age to get married, excluding marriages starting in the teens, but there are several ages, usually in the late twenties, that are suggested to be the best for marriage.

Many experts will swear that age 27 and 28 is the perfect age for marriage. They allege that by that age both parties usually have established careers and lives, meaning they would be less likely to rush into a marriage looking for stability or for another less than ideal reason. By the age 25, many say that most know themselves and what they want, plus have enough life experiences and other relationships from which to grow, other factors that help when making the decision to marry. Many of the longest lasting celebrity marriages started when both members were around this age.

While the late twenties might be the so-called best age for marriage, that doesn't mean those before or after those years shouldn't marry. Many are marrying later in life these days, or remarrying late in life, and still seeing success. They say 40 is the new 30, so there's nothing wrong with marrying after those late twenties days pass. Really, the only age that marriage is ill advised is early in life. Those who marry before the age of 22 might grow apart during the years as each partner comes into their own. That, many times, can be a recipe for disaster and increases the chances for a divorce down the road. Opposite of the longest lasting celeb marriages, the celebrities with the most marriages started early and often.

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