The Best Age to Get Pregnant

The best age to get pregnant are those ages, usually between 20 and 35, when experts say are the best ages to start a family. There are a number of factors that should go into deciding when it's best to get pregnant but many of these ages take all of those items into consideration to find the perfect age to start a family.

As far as health goes, women between 20 and 24 have the best chances to get pregnant and the lowest risk of miscarriage. That said, many at that age are not quite ready to settle down and seek to do, see or accomplish more before starting a family. That said, there's little difference in fertility between women ages 25 to 30. Choosing to start a family at that age provides for more stability, more maturity and, according to some studies, a reduced risk for certain cancers.

These days, with many choosing the best age to get married as later in one's twenties, getting pregnant after the age of 30 could too be considered optimal. Fertility does begin to decline after the age of 30 and the miscarriage rate does rise slightly, but women who get pregnant in their early 30s are often better suited for children while still having that youthful energy to survive the struggles of raising babies.

Going further, fertility begins a major decline after a woman reaches the age of 35. Similarly, the chance for miscarriage increases as do other health-related complications that come from pregnancy. Starting a family at a later age also leaves less time for parents to enjoy their lives with their children before the parents grow too old. It's far from out of the question to get pregnant after the age of 35, but definitely more difficult.

Everyone has their own reasons to start a family at a certain age. Tell us what your reasons are by leaving a comment, voting for the ages you think are best to get pregnant and re-ranking this list of the best ages to get pregnant. Whatever age you select, we'll be willing to bet once you are with child, you'll be stocking up on these most craveable foods when you're pregnant.
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