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Ranking Every Air Jordan Sneaker Ever Made

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Since their inception in 1985, Nike Air Jordans have found a place both on the court and within pop culture. Each year another variation on the Air Jordans sneaker design gets released, which left the market with over 30 different designs. The most commons tweaks include added straps, accentuation on the high-top, and/or additional logos or markings on the sides and tongue. But some variations on Air Jordan basketball shoes, like Model 14, introduce unique new aspects like an added shroud over the laces, allowing certain pairs to stand out amongst shoes that already draw the eye.

To help you make a decision on your next purchase, assembled here is every Air Jordan sneaker ever made, enough to dress two entire NBA team rosters. Do you find yourself drawn to the more outlandish color schemes, or do you prefer your Michael Jordan shoes to simply emulate that instantly recognizable Chicago Bulls red and white? No matter what type of basketball shoes you end up choosing, the only important aspect is that they make you feel like Mike.