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The Best Airline Advertising Slogans

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Airline advertising slogans work harder than most taglines. In a single short phrase, they have to give potential customers the impression that flying with them will be more enjoyable - or at least, less stressful - than flying with anyone else. There's a lot of positivity in good airline slogans, especially in the top US airlines, embracing the freedom of flying and showcasing the confidence of the company. The best taglines for airlines are incredibly memorable, even if the airline in question is no longer around.

Both "The Friendliest Name in Flight," Aloha Airlines, and United Airlines's invitation to "Fly the friendly skies" hint at a pleasant flying experience. Many airlines embrace the travel-expanding possibilities of flying, with slogans like "A symbol of Freedom," "You are now free to move about the Country," and "Life is a journey, travel it well." Other airlines take a sassier approach, recognizing the reluctance some passengers have to fly. Virgin Airlines makes a play on their name with "Virgin Atlantic, more experience than our name suggests." The Florida-based National Airlines takes a common complaint and flips it with "Is this any way to run an airline?-You bet it is!"

Whether or not the slogans sold you on the airline, memorable airline taglines offer freedom and friendliness in a way you can remember. What are the airline slogans that have stuck the strongest in your mind?