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The Best (Real) Album Covers With Cats

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They say the internet is just a jumble of cats, and that may very well be true, but what about things in our daily life? Mugs with cats, hats with cats, movies with cats... have you ever taken a look at some of your old albums and noticed, hey, they knew what was going on, they put a cat on their cover? Well, we did. We've taken a whole lot of albums with a whole lot of cats and compiled them here for you to see. 

Who knew so many albums would have cats? From the hit musical Cats to the classics featuring cats. Even Cat Stevens figured out the pun in that one. Just cats, cats, cats. Go ahead and CATch up on your cat knowledge and let us know what you think. Which album used a cat the best? Which one draws you closer with its cat charm? Which one do you love? Vote up your favorite cat album covers below and see where they rank!