Types of Alcohol That Give You the Best Buzz 

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Drinking is a funny thing. According to many doctors, whether you get drunk from a strawberry daiquiri on the beach or you feel terrible the next day after taking one too many shots at the club, alcohol is alcohol, and it does the same thing to our bodies regardless of whether it's Sky Vodka or Patrón. But anecdotal experience tells you that different drinks get different people drunk differently.

Some select their preferred alcohol by taste, while others simply base their decision on the way it makes them feel. All it takes is one bad experience with a particular type of liquor to permanently ruin it for you, but all it takes is a good one for you to consider it your go-to drink when you’re seeking your best buzz. Of all the alcoholic beverages, these are some that deliver a memorable, unique intoxication experience. So next time you go out for drinks, consider giving something below a shot.

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Tequila: A Boost For Your Personality

Tequila is a dark liquor that is more likely to give you a nasty hangover. This is not only because dark liquors have more congeners — which are complex organic molecules that are produced while alcohol ferments in your body — but also because tequila is often consumed in the form of shots. Now, it doesn't take a rocket scientist to understand that pounding shot after shot of liquor will do you more harm the next morning than slowly sipping on a glass of wine.

The plus side to drinking shots of tequila? It lowers your inhibitions and may make you the life of the party.

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Another dark liquor, whiskey never fails to make you feel like a more sophisticated version of yourself.

But don't let that air of refinement fool you — whiskey has a way larger percentage of alcohol than, say, beer. So be careful not to let that careful sip become a speedy slurp, or you might end up acting more like a Spring Breaker than a worldly aristocrat.

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Rum: Just Be Sure To Drink It With Coke

When you go out, do you like to pretend you're a pirate? If so, you should consider imbibing some rum during your next social outing. Just remember rum has a large percentage of alcohol and can get you seriously intoxicated.

But the nice thing about rum is that it's usually consumed with Coke, or another mixer, along with it. This dilutes the amount of rum that you're actually drinking, and can confer on the rum-drinking experience and lead to a much more relaxed vibe.

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Red Wine: The Best Type Of Buzz

Many seem to have a soft spot for red wine. Our favorite comedians, talk-show hosts, and Real Housewives are all known for getting a little "wine-drunk" in the early hours of the afternoon, and we love them for it. The probable health benefits of vino doesn't hurt either. 

However, because wine is made from a fruit — something we love to remind ourselves as we chug it by the glass — it also has a rather high sugar content. This sugar makes your hangover worse. Red wine comes in third in the hangover scale, just behind bourbon and high-sugar mixed drinks.



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