The Best Aldnoah.Zero Quotes

There are so many memorable quotes from the anime Aldnoah.Zero, but which ones stood out to you the most? Since it's just a great anime, let's rank the best quotes from Aldnoah.Zero, with the help of your votes. These memorable Aldnoah.Zero quotes can be from any character in the series, whether they are a main character like Inaho Kaizuka, or even a side character like Inko Amifumi.

Produced by A-1 Pictures and Troyca, Aldnoah.Zero is an original anime sci-fi series about the war between Earth and Mars. The fragile peace treaty between the citizens of Earth and the Vers Empire on Mars is broken, after an assassination attempt on Princess Asseylum Vers Allusia's life takes place on Earth. Consisting of 12 episodes, Aldnoah.Zero ran in 2014 from July 6th to September 21st.

One of the most memorable quotes from Aldnoah.Zero is spoken by Inaho Kaizuka: "Warfare is just a form of negotiation, it is not dependent on hate." Use your votes to let other fans of Aldnoah.Zero know what your favorite quotes from the series are. You can also downvote any Aldnoah.Zero quotes that you didn't like as much.


  • Want to Use Her Murder
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    Want to Use Her Murder

    “What her highness wished for was for there to be peace with Earth, but you… you only want to use her murder to exploit her death and crush her dreams.”

    - Slaine Troyard

  • Effective Techniques
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    Effective Techniques

    “Regardless of scientific advances, there are some primitive techniques we retain because there are occasions when they can be quite effective.”

    - Count Cruhteo

  • Not Dependent on Hate
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    Not Dependent on Hate

    “Warfare is just a form of negotiation, it is not dependent on hate.”

    - Inaho Kaizuka

  • Foolish Choice
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    Foolish Choice

    "Giving in to despair is a foolish choice."

    -Inaho Kaizuka