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From simple tasks like setting a timer to more complicated productivity skills, Amazon's Alexa has proven quite essential in the digital age. Long gone are the days we have to repeat things to Siri, as Alexa comes readily available for a wide range of skills to help you through your daily life. Whether you need help getting started on that new diet or simply need her to remind you of your meetings, Alexa has you covered.

With so many skills to choose from, and new ones being added on the regular, most might ask which skills are truly helpful and which are not. While the most essential Alexa skills depend on how you use them as well as what you do day to day, there's a select few that really get the job done—no matter what it may be. Of course, Amazon Prime members can reap even more benefits!

Check out the list of helpful and even essential Alexa skills below, all of which are ready to go on Amazon. Be sure to vote up the best ones and down vote those you don't see as useful.

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  • Find My Phone allows you to easily call your lost phone from Alexa! Now supports adding other numbers!

    Say "Alexa, Find My Phone" to call your phone at any time. To add a family member, say: "Alexa, ask find my phone to add another number", then say "Alexa, ask Find My Phone to call <name>"

  • Guided Meditation by Stop, Breathe & Think features daily meditations to help you kick back, fall asleep, or start the day right! If there is a feature you would like added, just email us at

    Each day, Guided Meditation offers a new meditation of the day that is between 3 and 8 minutes long. Over 60 different guided meditation, mindfulness and breathing exercises are included to help you with:

    - Anxiety & stress
    - Depression
    - Focus
    - Compassion
    - Falling asleep
    - And much more!

    If you don't like the currently playing meditation you can always say "play next" to jump to a different meditation.

  • Ingredient Sub is a handy and simple tool to help with many common ingredient substitutions while cooking. Ran out of brown sugar? Ask Ingredient Sub what you can use instead and it will respond if there is a substitute, with specific quantities and various options. Includes over 100 common ingredient substitutions.

  • Big Sky
    8 votes

    Big Sky: The ultimate weather reference for Amazon Alexa

    Current Weather: Big Sky uses the Dark Sky API, to give hyper-local forecasts, hour-by hour, tied to your actual street address. 

    Weather Almanac: Use Big Sky to look up past weather conditions.

    Weather Fact: Ask Big Sky for an interesting weather fact!

  • Latest news powered by the Guardian. You can customize feeds (world, technology, politics, business, sports, science) under Settings, Flash Briefing in your Alexa app.

  • Jeopardy!
    6 votes

    Did you know that every Jeopardy! category has an “extra” 6th clue? Now you can play those clues on Alexa! With a single voice command, test your knowledge with new clues every weekday. Step up to the podium and play the same categories you saw on the latest episode! Play a wide range of categories including sports, pop culture, travel, world history, and much more! Get the true Jeopardy! experience now as you respond, just like contestants on the show!